For the most of the people that are into the crypto market it is obvious that the most common investment strategy is HODL. A new report by Chainalysis sheds light on the rest of the BTC distribution.

The distribution 

Most of the Bitcoin in circulation are not really moving – 60% of the haven’t moved recently. According to data it seems that people that are those long term hodler never sold more than ¼ of what they received.

Some of the coins are consider lost – they haven’t moved in more than 5 years – probably some of can be still accessed but it seems safe to say that they are lost – as they were not even moved around the 2017 bubble.

3,5 million BTC so 19% of all Bitcoin is moving from exchange and to exchange it’s the one that’s being traded.

Who is trading? 

Recently CoinMarketCap started to classify the exchanges according to website visits (what made new owner of the website first – we are talking about you, Binance). Data is suggesting that there are around 5 million visitors to the crypto exchanges every week.  According to the rapport there are 340,000 traders both professional and retail (acourding to the money send to the exchanges.

What does this data have to do with Skyrocket Trade?

No matter if you are a trader that treats the market as a hobby or a professional one you will find something for yourself on our free platform.

1. Professional Trader 

If you are a professional trader you should be diversifying your portfolio in a few different exchanges. Last week we were writing about how often crypto exchange hacks and exit scams are happening. Having your funds on few exchanges can be a pain though – better to have them all in one interface.

In SkyRocket you can find some tools that you won’t have on the actual exchanges like Trailing Stop Loss or SkyRocket 구매 and Sell. 

2. Hodlers 

If your funds are there waiting as an investment, why don’t you use the opportunity and take advantage of flash crash? We are describing the idea here. The idea is that you can set orders on multiple coins and just wait for the flash crash – in some cases you will be able to buy some of the coins several dozen percent cheaper.  Soon we are introducing the copy trading – you can just follow the trades of other verified professionals present on the SkyRocket Trade platform.

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