De Fi is on the fire right now. Some of them went already to the moon (like Balancer and Compound) and some probably will go soon. We have prepared some of the DeFi coins you can trade with the use of SkyRocket trade tools. Especially now we recommend trading DeFi coin on Binance as fees on the ETH network can be really high – with smaller investments they can even take out a big part of your new coin in the portfolio.

With the recent quick price movements definitely you have to check our SkyRocket 구매 and SkyRocket Sell options.


One of the most important things in De Fi is liquidity across crypto markets. Outside of the basic crypto infrastructure interoperability can function in favor of adoption. It is also a critical tool for providing better liquidity to users with a unified interface (a bit like with SkyRocket helping traders to trade with one interface)

In practice, this will allow users to exchange directly, e.g. between BTC, BCH and ZEC. An additional benefit will be some degree of anonymity. 

An interesting concept about the project are dark pools: 

In very general terms thanks to that technology we gain bigger anonymity and still keep the transparency  – for example when buying Whooper in Burger King for BTC the cashier can easily check out how big is our wallet which is not possible when you use Ren protocol. In the same time the degree of transparency makes Ren good enough to be compatible with SEC regulations.


Matic Network is a platform that allows developers to implement and launch decentralized applications. Matic is a second layer scaling solution that achieves scalability by using side chains for calculations while ensuring resource security using a Plasma structure and a decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validator network.


What is more, Matic has just started staking rewards on the mainnet – historically speaking it is always good long term news for the investors.



Kava is a protocol that is similar to the ones that have seen the biggest pumps in the recent weeks like $LEND.

Kava is a DeFi platform that offers loans with guaranteed value and the acquisition of many major currencies. This project is supported by over 100 entities, including large graphic projects such as Ripple or Cosmos.


Like other lending DeFi on Ethereum, users can borrow loans and lock up their crypto assets as collateral. In case of Kava users get the Kava coin and can use them for staking. 


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