Is it possible to earn on the cryptocurrency market without trading skills?

In today’s lesson, we will move on a bit from the topic of tools supporting the trade and we will discuss the functions of a platform that can change the way the market operates and the results achieved on it by investors.

Trading cryptocurrencies is not a suitable way of life for everyone. We do not always have time, knowledge, patience, cold blood and many other components that are needed to earn on the crypto market.

On the other hand, there are people who perfectly find themselves in trading and can earn a living from it, but very often too little capital does not allow you to gain satisfactory profits from trade.

The ideal way would be to connect these two groups of people and let them achieve mutual profit. So what do we need to make it happen? 

A system that allows you to connect multiple stock accounts to one successful trader. With this solution, he can play simultaneously on dozens of clients accounts. In addition, you would need a clear and transparent system showing the results of available traders in order to facilitate the decision that you entrust in managing your finances.

Here comes again the SkyRocket Platform, in which we are going to provide the possibility of supporting social trading on a wider scale.

However, for this to be a fair and transparent system, we need to know that traders’ results on the platform do not raise any doubts. It also takes time to build a trader’s history on SR, because only those results are taken into account that were achieved through the platform – it gives us confidence that they were not manipulated. We will describe the whole system before it will be fully available.

It doesn’t mean that we cannot use the Copy Trading function at the moment. You can connect several of your accounts from one exchange and manage them at the same time. This also applies to the ability to connect API keys to family or friends’ accounts and play on their behalf.

As a way of verifying players’ skills, we have also created a Trader League Games system to develop competition and rivalry. It gives everyone the opportunity to present their skills, watch other players, and win valuable prizes. The first league co-organized with the portal will start on 15.06.2020. Everyone has the opportunity to win high prizes, especially since the pot increases with the number of participants.

In addition to the main prize, you can also get:

  • A gift of USD 50 for one participant drawn from the entire league.
  • $ 50 for the highest daily ROI during the competition
  • $ 100 for the highest weekly ROI during the competition

 We invite everyone to participate. (

If we add more API keys from one exchange, they will be displayed to us here and we can select on which we want to trade now, one, several or all.

Strengths of such a solution:
they give earning opportunity both sides while maintaining full security of funds (they remain all the time on private exchange accounts)
– lower the entry threshold for the earning in the crypto world, opening it to a much wider audience
– accumulate the capital of more players in the hands of professionals, making it less susceptible to manipulation of large institutions
– allow traders who can do it to earn, not just those who can promote themselves better.
– Diversification – we can divide the capital into several players, thanks to which we reduce the likelihood of losses.
All this leads to the democratization of the market and makes it independent of large institutions

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