These days it’s a tough job to come up with a trading platform making a difference. The risk of having it drowning among hundreds of similar attempts is huge. Though still, from time to time we see some newbies popping up which are worth giving it a try. I strongly believe the one I’m introducing below is one of them. Let me also be frank with you here; I’m having a vested interest in this company. This outlook, however, is as objective as possible.

So first things first! What platform are we talking about?

SkyRocket ( works as a standalone API, integrated with popular crypto exchanges, like Binance and Bitmex (more exchanges are to be added soon). It was created to offer a range of tools and functionalities not available anywhere else. First, you receive a higher performance compared to exchanges’ fronted, which is often negatively affected by overloads. And second, you get access here to a toolkit effectively increasing your transacting capabilities, like i.e. progressing stop-loss, graphic monitoring of changes in your portfolio and several other ones (highlighted below).

Why are we so bullish about SkyRocket?

Tools, tools and (once again) tools!

For sure each of you, at least once, experienced a situation when after setting up a sales price limit, the price went up a way higher, than you initially anticipated, and you ended up with lower than optimal profit. In SkyRocket, you can set up a Progressing Stop-Loss Limit, where, instead of triggering sales at a given limit, the order follows a growing price until it starts reverting, and only then it triggers the sales.

Many of you might have accounts on several exchanges. After integrating them with SkyRocket, you can follow all movements on your multiple accounts, visualised on a chart.

You can also have a Stop-Loss and Take-Profit features set at the same time. This would let you stay safe while reaching a profitable limit.

A really sweet benefit you’ll find in SkyRocket, your pockets should appreciate, is the ability to place several buy orders, blocking only the funds covering the highest one of them. You don’t have to engage funds for every single order independently. Once one of the setup purchases is done, the remaining orders are cancelled.

You might also not like the fact that your orders are publicly visible in an exchange. In SkyRocket an order is sent to exchange only when the desired price is reached, making it impossible for other traders to take advantage of knowing what your trading position is.

I’m assuming you’ve heard about Copy/Social Trading so far. A classic approach to it so far has been, from the perspective of the experienced traders, willing to monetise their followers’ network, making your transactions and/or investment strategies available via subscriptions. Applying them has been up to the followers. Eventually, a trader might have agreed to run several accounts on behalf of his clients, ending up juggling between them to manually set up actions for all of them.
In SkyRocket they can manage all such accounts from one place, copying their moves there automatically by following their master account.

And last but not least, we are about to deploy Crypto Trading Leagues, with bunches of traders competing between themselves for the highest ROI and the main prize. This prize is expected to grow, Lotto style, proportionally to the number of players and performed transactions. We literally can’t wait to see international championship games to be taking place here soon!

You can sign up to try out the platform free of charge here:

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